Build The Right Board To Raise Millions For Your Mission

LIVE Workshop on November 9 | 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT

I've raised millions over the last 25+ years in the nonprofit space, and I've helped countless Executive Directors of small and mid-size organizations who don't have in-house fundraising support to create a sustainable fundraising strategy, decrease the time spent on lopsided fundraising activities, and to build deep connections with wealthy donors to receive five and six-figure gifts consistently so they can carry out heir mission and have an even greater impact on the people that they serve.

In my upcoming LIVE webinar you'll learn:

🚨 What qualifies a high-performance board member

🔥 How to align your nonprofit mission with the people on the board

🚀 How to leverage your board's network to raise even more funds

... Even if you're just beginning!

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You have a message and mission to impact the people you serve. Let me help you find it, share it, and level up your nonprofit. Let me save you 25 years of time and resources and reveal all my best board building strategies.

Expert Advice From Mark Duncan LIVE.


You'll learn:

  • How to evaluate your board
  • Who your ideal board member is
  • What criteria you need to have in place when looking for board members
  • How to align your mission with your board members
  • How to get your board to give big
  • Why leveraging your board's network is crucial to fundraising success


November 9 at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT
Live on Zoom


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I have been in an Executive Director in nonprofit organizations for more than 25 years and am now sharing my wisdom with you. See what others are saying about learning from me. 

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