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Leveraging Your Events To Secure Big Donors

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Fundraising events are a safe, go-to tactic. Things as simple as bake sales and car washes, or as elaborate as galas and golf tournaments are the cornerstone of many nonprofits. Admit it, they’re fun, right? However, they require lots of work, organization, time, money and volunteers to be executed well. And most importantly, you have to make a profit.

Fundraising events should not be seen as a means to an end. Many organizations will plan and hold a flawless event that may raise around $10,000 after expenses. They'll celebrate, go home, and do it again next year. Many miss the opportunity to connect with their loyal event attendees. These are the people who will buy two foursomes for the golf outing, or sponsor a table for the gala every year. And the only time you talk to them is at that event.

Many of those attendees could be your next major donors who could contribute $10,000…EACH! This only happens if you leverage the brief time you have with them at that event to connect, and ask for permission to follow up for an individual meeting. So in addition to conducting your Monday morning debriefing with your staff, you can make your follow up calls. Imagine securing 20 visits with your high capacity participants that you could convert into an additional $200,000!

So next time you have an event, take as much time to know your participants as you do to execute a fun experience. You will see your fundraising potential grow exponentially which will enable you to do more for the people you serve.

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