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"Mark has worked with our organization to increase our Board's ability to raise funds for youth development. His experience and how he works with our Board members is excellent. He has added value to who we are, and what we do to support our mission. "

Bob Norris, Youth Program Executive

"Mark ensures that he is meeting the training participants at the point of their need by first understanding the level of experience that each person brings to the training.  He thoroughly walks them through the key steps to being successful relationship builders which leads to successful fundraising."


Fran Rodriguez, Community Foundation Professional

"Over the years, I have come to appreciate Mark’s deep knowledge of the fundraising industry, his understanding of policies, programs, and his commitment to honoring the donor’s wishes with each gift. Mark is generous with his time and welcomes the opportunity to teach the next generation of fundraising professionals. His passion, desire to see one succeed, and giving spirit are what make him a great coach." 


Cameron Martin, Healthcare Fundraising Director

"Mark is well versed in fund raising and is great at helping non-profits get a funds development plan going" 


Cheryl Hartman, Camp and Conference Ministry Leader

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