Here's what I'm all about...

From the day I realized that people derive joy from giving - and giving big - and how that giving could forever change lives, I was hooked!

With more than 35 years in the nonprofit space, 25+ of those years in fundraising, I know that relationship fundraising is the most effective way to secure large gifts from wealthy people.

I also realized that this skill is not something that is typically taught in the nonprofit workplace. As a response to this need, I used my decades of experience and developed the Relationship Fundraising Academy to empower nonprofit leaders with the skill and confidence to secure big gifts from wealthy, generous people.

I bring experience from a wide range of nonprofit industries that include the intellectual and developmentally disabled (IDD) industry, camp and conference ministry, higher education, public media, healthcare, and education reform. My extensive knowledge and experience working with and securing gifts from high capacity donors provides your organization with the tools you need to create sustainable philanthropic revenue.

Fundraising isn’t just a profession to me,

it’s my passion.

The shift I made...

I have been where you are. I know too well the challenges of running programs, overseeing staff, and having to raise money at the same time. In the nonprofit world, every day can (and most likely will) present a different challenge. These setbacks can derail the best of plans.

Once I shifted my focus to building meaningful relationships with wealthy donors - which led to five and six figure gifts - everything changed. I no longer worried about whether or not we would meet revenue expectations or if we could launch a new life changing program. As long as I followed the right strategy, raising the funds we needed would come consistently and grow exponentially.


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